What Does Custom Really Mean?

It means each and every home is unique.

At Main Street Homes, we take great pride in the personal relationship created with each and every customer. Without it, a custom-built home isn’t truly custom. What you require from a new home isn’t just a list of features. It’s a reflection of your distinct and individual lifestyle, tastes and desires.

You might, for example, want to incorporate some of the following features:

  • Universal design for multi-generational family situations, such as in-law suites or au pair apartments
  • Open floor plans with large, multi-tasking kitchens and other family gathering spaces
  • Technology for efficient work-at-home spaces
  • Custom command centers, lockers, cubbies and drop zones essential for today’s busy families
  • Screened porches, sunrooms and fireplaces that bring the outdoors in
  • Fitness centers, yoga/meditation rooms, spa baths, master bedroom balconies and other private spaces to encourage health and relaxation

We work with you to discover the exact details that will turn a house into your custom dream home.

And we build it all with the durability of a legacy.

Main Street-built homes feature:

  • Our three-step energy seal package, verified with a blower door test to monitor a home’s air leakage
  • High efficiency “zoned” HVAC system that includes A/C and humidifier
  • 9’ poured foundations with a 5-year waterproof membrane installed
  • I-Joist engineered floor system
  • Granite throughout (excluding only laundry rooms)
  • Solid core doors
  • High quality oil-based trim paint for superior coverage
  • Larger base and case moldings
  • Fully dry-walled, trimmed and painted garages

Learn more about our home building process, or contact us to talk about what custom means to you.